Goobers Pre-Sale Exclusive

Written by Brianna West

Not sure what the Goobers NFT is? Read this blog first.

The secret, entirely innovative NFT collection is almost here, and you can bet your brand-new silly Goober is waiting in the wings to put on its extravagant accessories and sparkly animations. The day for the Goobers Pre-sale is slowly closing in, and we couldn’t be any more excited to give you the exclusive details on how to obtain one (or many) Goobers for your very own collection.

There’s no better time than now to be a CLU holder, and this is why.

CLU Whitelist Pre-sale: On September 16th, between 12:00 pm EST to 3:00 pm EST, only the CLU holders who were whitelisted as Jellyfish and above during the snapshot period (roughly 8:30 UTC on September 4th) will be permitted to purchase one Goober maximum with their CLU whitelist slot.

CLU Holders who qualified as Jellyfish and above during the snapshot period will need to ensure their Discord is connected to the website to claim their whitelist spot. During this period of time, the Goobers purchased will be reserved forever and can be later claimed when gas is low on the ETH Network.

The CLU purchase price for the whitelist will be significantly discounted to the CLU equivalent of 0.04 ETH market price at the start of the CLU-specific sale, and members will be given the option to pay with one address and choose a different ETH address as a beneficiary.

To give you an example, if a member were to purchase using their Trust Wallet to pay with their CLU, they could then send their ETH address from MetaMask to have the Goober assigned to it.

Airdrop: Because CLU is all about rewarding its holders, Goobers will be set aside for a Quest Airdrop. As such, CLU holders who earned their Learner’s NFT (both animated and non-animated) by September 7th will receive one free Goober as a special thank you for all their support of CluCoin.

The Goobers will need to be claimed on the ETH Network and won’t be available until six hours after the ETH sale starts. Gas fees still apply, but the good news is that the Quest Airdrop Goober will be claimable forever so you can choose an optimal time to claim it when gas is low. As a token of appreciation to the CluCoin team, its helpers and moderators, one Goober NFT will be airdropped per member and claimable six hours after the sale begins.

Can you say special Goober stork delivery?

The total quantity of Goobers reserved for CLU is 5,000. Consequently, this means only 3,000–3,500 Goobers will be available at pre-sale after what is reserved for the Quest Airdrop, so make sure you take advantage of your whitelist spot.

CLU Main Sale: Any unpurchased Goobers will roll over to the main CLU sale, which begins at 3:00 pm EST on September 16th.

These Goobers can be purchased at the CLU equivalent of 0.06 ETH market price at the start of the sale, which amounts to a whoppin’ 25% discount! Both of the original CLU sale discounts were increased to offset gas fees, which is amazing. Even better, the contract will be whitelisted from the usual 10% fee when you purchase with CLU. Each transaction will be limited to 10 Goobers per transaction and max out at 100 per wallet.

Buying Tip: It’s important to note when purchasing with CLU, there will be two transactions that members will need to approve. First, a transaction to the CluCoin Main Contract. This will permit the CluGoober contract to transfer funds in order to pay with CLU. Second, a transaction to the CluGoober contract. This will deposit CLU into it, proportional to the number of Goobers members want to purchase (or more transactions of this type if they intend to buy several times).

Alternatively, Goobers will be purchasable with ETH and will have their own fancy-schmancy pre-sale.

ETH Whitelist Pre-sale: Those who earned their ETH whitelist spot by being active and helpful in the Goobers Discord, or by winning a spot either on the Goobers Discord or Twitter, will be permitted to buy a maximum of four Goobers on September 17th between 12:00 pm EST to 3:00 pm EST.

It will be three hours you don’t want to miss.

No more than 2,500 Goobers out of the total 10,000 delegated to ETH will be available for the ETH pre-sale, and each Goober will be priced at 0.08 ETH with no bonding curve — meaning the price will stay the same instead of inflating as the supply dwindles. Additionally, they will be fairly distributed.

ETH Main Sale: Unpurchased Goobers from both the ETH pre-sale and CLU sale will roll over to main ETH sale starting September 17th at 3:00pm EST. At least 7,500 Goobers will be available for purchase and priced at 0.08 ETH with no bonding curve and fair distribution, same as pre-sale. During ETH sale, 20 are limited per transaction, but there is no max limit per wallet.

Make sure to set a calendar reminder so you don’t miss out on your opportunity to snatch one of these adorable Goobers for yourself! If you’ve never bought an NFT, you can tune into our CLUmmunity ambassador’s NFT buying video for a step-by-step breakdown on how to do so.

How do you earn a whitelist spot? In order to obtain one of these coveted Goobers whitelist spots, you need to join the Goobers Discord and become an active and helpful part of the community. Follow the steps outlined in the Discord to ensure you transform into a common goob and take all the necessary, unique steps to ensure your name gets added to the list. It is also important to note that you can only claim one spot on both CLU and ETH whitelists per unique user. Obtaining multiple spots or airdrops is not permitted.

Reminder: You MUST connect your discord username to the website in order to claim the coveted whitelist spot. Make sure you do it as soon as possible.

As noted, spots are limited, so the quicker you are to act the better. Also keep an eye out on the Goobers Discord and Twitter for any whitelist giveaways. Don’t forget to check out the CluCoin website to learn more about Goobers.

Come shine brightly within our Goober-tastic community!

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