CLU Team August Updates

Written by Brianna West

Another month has passed with the crazy speed of a 28 Days Later zombie, and it’s not going to slow down any time soon. CluCoin has continued to knock off things on their honey-do list at a frighteningly awesome speed, and it’s my honor to list them all out to you beautiful people reading this.

First, the Rust Server is still actively in the works. Gordon and his team are working the mapping angles and running the proper tests to ensure the present maps are ready for the next step in the process. You can get frequent updates in the CLU Discord via live stream with Gordon about Rust, so make sure to join the Rust showcase channel to partake in these exclusive sneak peeks.

Next up is the Art Contest held over the last little bit. The finalists have been chosen by the higher powers through the strenuous process of innie-minnie-miny-moe (okay, not really), and were announced on CLU’s social media platforms. As a nice little bonus for all entrants who posted their work to the contest (who weren’t disqualified), each one was subsequently rewarded with $100 for participating. The honorary CLU mint vault will later be announced. Keep your eyes open for the next contest making its way into the Discord server.

This month, Team Distributions were re-enabled and will be listed in official wallet movements in the CLU Discord for shareholders to view for themselves.

CluCoin is also working on a governance token. CLU holders will be able to stake their CLU to receive the governance token each month. More details will be released about how the token will work and what it will look like in September.

The next item on the docket is the Axie Tournaments the team previously intended to hold. In response to server performance issues, the team is postponing the Axie Tournaments for the time being until the servers improve. So that means no friendly CLUtie fighting as a family — we have to battle the old-school way. However, the Axie Breeding program for Wave 3 is in full swing. It’s being brilliantly managed by our very own recently promoted manager, Flur, who also conveniently responds to the auspicious nickname of Axie God.

Something beyond exciting is in the works with Sneaky Bro Art. On the horizon where NFTs live, Sneaky Bro Art is in the process of creating the epic and legendary Generative Goobers Collection. The collection promises to be an incredibly innovative style new to the NFT world, and it’ll be of the quality expected from the infamous art kings.

Another cool feature on the CluCoin website is the event calendar, which is likely to include DJ nights, CLU streams, poker nights, Axie Tournaments, art contest dates and themes, and much much more! My personal calendar is about to get a lot more festive, and I can’t wait to interact with the CLUmmunity and lose horribly in poker.

If you haven’t already ordered your custom CLU merch, then you obviously aren’t living your best life. You can find your next CLU-themed everything at CluCoin is even offering the CLUmmunity the opportunity to submit their own ideas for CLU attire and merchandise. If your idea is added to the CLU merch store, you’ll earn 5% on all the sales, so make sure to put any ideas you think are interesting onto the CluCoin Discord.

Finally, charity voting is live on Shareholders have the opportunity to vote on a charity every month that will be sponsored on the streams and events. Pretty amazing, if you ask me.

As you can already see, CluCoin and its team have been hard at work accomplishing things not only to successfully take it into the next month but to foster an environment for its community that encourages fun, free expression, and a desire to be a part of it. They will continue to move forward with the many projects either outlined in this blog post or in the future, and there’s definitely more to come that will excite, energize, and incentivize everyone who’s a part of this great community!

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